The Viking Heritage 

 The Will - The Mystery of  Christiane Stewart



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My Y-DNA-test gave some weird hits in the Kiev area. Explanation: A distant ancestor has left his genes in the Kiev-Rus area, plus myself. The title of the first book therefore had to be: The Viking Heritage.

Around the year 1630, my seventh great grandfather, Robert Mudie, immigrated to Norway. His descendants settled in Northern Norway. This Scottish family connection, I have attached the book's protagonist, Malte Moddy to.

There are strong indications that this lineage originates from Melsetter House on the Orkney Islands. Could it be possible that there is a connection to the old Scottish kings? In 'The Will – The Mystery of Christiane Stewart – I also use information from a court cases around 1600. At that time, this family had serious conflicts with Earl Patrick Stewart.

In the third book: THE VIKING BLOODLINE (Q1 2024) an important part of the action is placed in the world longest Viking building (Longhouse) so far discovered. It was built at Borg in Lofoten and was about 83 meters long. About the year 900, the building was abruptly vacated. In the novel, I am free to speculate as to why. And who knows ... Maybe it was just the way I described it in the book?

At present TIME, important parts of the action take place in Haalogaland (Northern Norway).