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The Viking Heritage

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Assisted in Translation and Editing by K. M. Heath. The content is the sole responsibility of the author.

Update: The next book Testamentet (Norwegian), is planned published in november 2017. Hopefully there will also be an English version sometime next year. I have added more information about Harald "Hardrada" Sigurdsson (year 1066), for now only in Norwegian, at the following link: - still editing before I will publish at the main page: and Araltes Forlag (facebook). Open for suggestions ...



The Viking Heritage



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Malte Moddy returns from a holiday in South Africa. He is not aware that he has contracted malaria. His condition results in extended sick leave from his position as Deputy Head of the Security Department in Western Norwegian Oil. Sick and unemployed, Malte withdraws from life until his brother, Jon-Berg, insists that he spends Christmas with him, his wife Karen and their two children in Lofoten, Norway


His stay rekindles an old interest in his family’s genealogy, and the stories passed down through the generations. While attending a local genealogical society meeting, he learns that through DNA testing, it is possible to find relatives back in time, actually thousands of years back in time, if you were lucky to find other matches.  


As a direct result of a Y-DNA-test, Malte Moddy becomes entangled in a dangerous race for the possession of a rare, ancient treasure dating back to Harald Hardrada and the Viking age.  Actual historical events along with current issues involving the Crimean crisis and the Russian mafia are intertwined in this adventure novel.


How will this mystery - thriller, The Viking Heritage, end? Will Maltes plan work out or fail?