After the dramatic events in Odesa (The Viking Heritage), Malte Moddy has returned to his brother in Reine. The stay starts as planned. But then something happens that makes Malte have to turn around plans. Who can he really trust when he not even can trust his brothers wife, Karin?


Malte has read about several conflict his Scottish ancestor had with Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney (1566-1615). He is curious about Snelsetter Castle that Patrick Stewart chased Adam Mudie and Christiane Stewart away from. It's gone now and it is unceartain where it was situated.


After being forced to accept the severance package, Malte is without a job. He decides to visit Melsetter House, the old family farm on the Orkney Islands where his 9th great-grandmother lived in the 17th century. Could it be possible to solve the mystery of which Stewart clan she belonged to?


Later in the novel, a will appears. Malte is led into life-threatening incidents. And then there's the winemaker's daughter, Elizaveta ... What's going on inside her head? And then the mysterious Mrs. Agnes. She is extremely concerned with the history of the mansion. But how will she react when she and Malte have different perceptions?

In the prologue, there is a summary of the most important part of what happened in the first book: The Viking Heritage. It works well to read the second book in the series about Malte Moddy without having read the first. The paper version of  The Viking heritage (Norwegian) is sold out, but it is available as both e-book and audiobook (Storytel). The Viking Heritage is available in English (Amazon) as e-book and POD (Print On Demand).